General Questions

Who do you represent?

The Mary Collins Agency only represents performers who are established voiceover and/or on camera professionals in the areas of commercials, corporate videos, film/television, games/anime, and related media. We’ll also consider degreed actors between 18 – 26. We do not represent beginners, children, extras/background, or models.



Do you represent both union and non-members?

We are a SAG-AFTRA franchised agency, which allows us to represent union actors; however, because Texas is a Right-to-Work state and union membership is elective, we represent non-members alike. Visit the union website for further questions about membership or production.



Why don’t you have a rate card?

There are different sets of rates for each type of performance. Each job is unique and is based on a certain set of parameters, such as the medium, usage, type, length of use, markets, etc. If you would like a rate, please call the agency for a quote, or email us.



Are you licensed?

Unlike many other states, as of 2011 there is no longer a state license in Texas for Talent Agents. The only agents that have any regulation in Texas are the ones who, like us, are franchised and regulated by SAG-AFTRA.



Why can’t I tell which talent is union or non?

In Texas, it is against the Right-to-Work laws to discriminate based on union affiliation.