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Going above and beyond for clients since 1984.

We offer our services to those looking for experienced actors across all media. Our business model has always been based on quality over quantity. Because of our size, we are more directly involved with our performers, and therefore are more knowledgeable of their individual experience, training, and abilities.

Our agents are highly skilled and enthusiastic about assisting clients with casting and selection of the perfect talent for their project, whether it’s for commercial, film/television, radio, corporate video, or virtually any other type of project that requires an acting performance. Each of us has a personal and professional investment in our actors’ success, as well as helping you find the best actor, voiceover or on camera, for your project.

We hope you will use this website as a casting tool, booking reference, or supplement to our talent recommendations. The agency roster includes all ages 18 and up, both union and nonunion, and represents a wide variety of ethnicities, looks, and expertise. The skills found among our roster of performers include:

Broadcast & Digital Commercials

We offer talent for on camera and voiceover commercials for traditional advertising (television and radio), along with digital and other new media platforms. Our actors are proficient in various dialects and regional accents, and many are skilled in improvisation and sketch comedy. View Talent

Corporate Videos & E-Learning

We book our actors for a multitude of non-broadcast productions, including instructional or educational modules, sales promotions, amusement park or sports arena messages, meeting or convention announcements, in-store displays or kiosks, and videos for use in churches, classrooms, seminars, and the like. View Talent

Anime & Interactive Games

Our voices can be heard on hundreds of popular Anime titles and other animated projects. We also provide talent for numerous well-known games, including video games, virtual reality, interactive board games, and toys. These actors are very experienced and understand the nuances of the specific voice reads, styles, and delivery required for both genres. View Talent

Political Advertising

We represent a select group of Political Voice Pros who, over the years, have provided their voices for political advertising from the local and state level all the way up to gubernatorial, senate, congressional, and presidential campaigns. We are known for our powerful talent, prompt turnaround, and proven results. View Talent

Features, Indies & Shorts

With a roster of some of the most educated and trained theatrical performers, our talent have a history of work in feature films, independent “indie” films, and shorts. Many are also veterans of the stage, bringing the acting chops and subtlety needed for this type of performance. View Talent

Episodics & Webisodes

You can see our actors on popular series on various network, cable, and streaming channels. We book them in recurring roles and as guest stars and series regulars. They have earned the on-set experience and are prepared to come ready to work. View Talent

Spanish Language

Contamos con una variedad de locutores profesionales hispanohablantes para clientes regionales, nacionales e internacionales. Los locutores hispanohablantes dominan varios dialectos en español. La mayoría son bilingües, y también pueden traducir los textos.

We provide Spanish language voices for regional, national, and international clients. Our Spanish talent can speak in numerous regional dialects, including non-regional. Most are bilingual, and can translate your copy in addition to voicing it. View Talent


We regularly book voice talent for fictional audio dramas. These actors excel at character work, bringing worlds to life using only the power of their voices. We also provide hosts for scripted nonfiction podcasts, focusing on a particular interest or theme. View Talent


These voices require experience and versatility, as it is a very specific type of vocal delivery from other segments of our business. These are recordings of published text on a broad range of subjects, both fiction and nonfiction. They can mesmerize, educate, thrill, and warm the heart. View Talent


We have a select group of experienced narrators for documentaries. We also provide the voice actors for quoting Jane Austen prose, reading a journal from a soldier in battle, or simply telling your story. We also have experience recommending on camera actors for recreations and “look-alikes” of famous figures in history. View Talent

Corporate Theater & Live Announcing

This is also known as Live Business Theater, and covers live performances at corporate meetings, conventions, and trade shows, as well as show hosts and emcees, in addition to live event announcing (VOG). View Talent

Print Advertising

Many of our talent also work in commercial print. These are usually consumer or corporate for print mediums such as brochures and magazines as well as digital stills for websites and emails. We book our actors for lifestyle, character, “real people,” and hand and foot models. View Talent