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Zahran Anwar

ATTRIBUTES: Height: 5' 10" Weight: 168 Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Suit: 38R Shirt: 15 x 30 Slacks: 32 x 31 Shoe: 11
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  • Commercial OC
  • Commercial Print
  • Film/Television
  • Hand/Foot Model
  • Industrial
  • Stage Combat
  • Zahran Anwar was born in Dubai and has been blessed to have had a unique exposure to a variety of cultures having also lived and been educated in Bahrain, Egypt and Australia prior to moving to the United States. He made his theatrical debut in Dallas, Texas, starring as Kurt in the original piece, Hikers, written by Victor Bravo. Before this, however, he has appeared in several theatrical productions globally. In May 2015, he graduated from the KD Conservatory of Film and Dramatic Arts in Dallas with an Applied Arts Degree. Zahran has numerous passions including film, travel, soccer, and is also a talented musician who speaks a multitude of languages. He is a diverse, educated, charismatic and dynamic actor aspiring to share a unique perspective of the human experience with all those he connects with whether it be in a personal or professional capacity.