Stan Robak

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  • Congressional Leadership Fund VO
  • Radio Flyer VO
  • Van Orden for Congress VO
  • Budweiser VO
  • Myles for Congress VO
  • Make America Great Again Inc VO
  • Texas Gulf Seafood VO
  • American Energy Action VO
  • Guardian and Swift for Assembly VO
  • Ken Paxton Campaign VO
  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway VO
  • Main Event VO
  • BOSS Snowplow VO
  • Interstate Batteries VO
  • Donald J Trump for President, Inc VO
  • Trump 2020 VO
  • The Presidential Coalition VO
  • Friends of McCormick VO
  • The Committee to Defend the President VO
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live! VO
  • Dakota Access Pipeline VO
  • Matt Rosendale for Montana VO
  • Neese for Congress VO
  • Cub VO
  • TCU Baseball VO
  • Orametrix VO
  • Stutzman for Senate VO
  • Peanut Butter & Co. VO
  • Massive Moves VO
  • Pennington VO
  • Toyota VO
  • Zachry VO
  • Jardines VO


  •   Commercial
  •   Narration
  •   Political

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  •   Political Spot
  •   Political Spot
  • Accents/Dialects
  • Commercial VO
  • Documentary
  • In-Home Studio
  • Narration
  • Political
  • Promo/Imaging
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  • Google “look what I can do” and there he is! Stan Robak!

    Started early. Local talent shows mostly, family parties, headliner at Christmas, you get it.  Comedy routines, song and dance, poetry, all of it stolen. Never met a microphone he didn’t like. Kept a megaphone in his satchel as a back-up. Enough to parlay those skills into a two decade career in broadcast and then a transfer of talents to VO. Stan is known for his signature “black eye style” considered a central component in hard-hitting GOP political ads and no-nonsense corporate reads. Or any thing that makes you reach for a beer. Ad people love working with Stan because he wrote the book on self-direction allowing them to loot cabinets in studio kitchens.