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Sean Alan Stone

ATTRIBUTES: Height: 6' 0" Weight: 170 Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel Suit: 40R Shirt: 15.5/33 Slacks: 34x31 Shoe: 11
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  • Commercial OC
  • Commercial Print
  • Film/Television
  • Improvisation
  • Industrial
  • Motion Capture
  • Stage Combat
  • Stunt Performer
  • Teleprompter Proficient
  • Sean Alan Stone is an actor, writer, photographer, poet, and director. He was born in the farmland of central Texas to a diverse and international family. His father was born in Guyana, raised between Canada and the US, to Indian and Irish parents. His mother was born in Texas. This created a unique lens through which to view the world by adding tremendous depth and nuance to the wide range of characters and dialects he is able to inhabit.

    He made his TV debut as Billy Flynn on the television series Murder Made Me Famous (2016), and shortly after made his film debut in Great Plains (2016).

    Sean is best known for his role as Louis on AMC’s The Son (2017), starring Pierce Brosnan, and has since appeared in several films, commercials, and television shows.

    When not on screen he can be found creating. “There are those who have no voice in the narrative.  Who have stories and have lives that are the solution to the problems we face today, for a better tomorrow.  To give a voice to the voiceless is the mission. To amplify those who need to be heard.”