Nazeeh Tarsha

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  •   Commercial
  •   Character
  • Accents/Dialects
  • Character Voices
  • Commercial VO
  • Games & Anime
  • In-Home Studio
  • Narration
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  • Who is Nazeeh Tarsha? A man with a love for cheese? Perhaps, a dashing storyteller of sorts? On the internet, he can be whatever your heart desires. But we aren’t here for fables. We want to know the truth. Nazeeh was born and raised in Miami, Florida with a background focusing on the maths and sciences.

    Upon attending the University of Florida, he discovered an even greater passion for acting after taking an acting course. Soon after, he began his transition towards the arts, and received his B.F.A. in Theatre Performance in 2015.

    After graduating, he found himself gaining traction in the voiceover world, eventually landing him in the heart of Dallas, Texas. After years of late night Walmart clearance runs, un-ideal overcrowded actor living conditions, and days spent crying in his car ready to quit, we finally find him where he hoped to eventually be. A professional actor.