Martha Harms

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  • Borderlands 3 VO
  • Chase VO
  • Anime Demo VO
  • Pancreatic Cancer Action Network VO
  • Southern Methodist University VO
  • Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain VO


  •   Commercial
  •   Political
  • Accents/Dialects
  • Character Voices
  • Commercial VO
  • Documentary
  • Games & Anime
  • In-Home Studio
  • Narration
  • Political
  • Singer
  • Source Connect
  • Martha Harms is an actor living and working in New York City after starting her career strongly in Dallas, Texas. Her voice and movement training from Southern Methodist University gives her an edge on camera, in the sound booth and kicking ass in the motion capture studio. Perhaps this piece of her work has been the most fun to watch unfold. You can play her as “Maya” in Gearbox’s popular post-apocalyptic video game BORDERLANDS 2, or watch her motion capture work as villain “Dr. Olivia Pierce” from id Software’s latest DOOM game. She’s also the voice of a raspy little Pokémon called “Dewpider.” Martha is an excellent cold-reader and is quick at memorization, making her a smart choice for co-star roles and industrial spokes work. She’s a seasoned singer, plays guitar, and drinks her coffee black.