Laurie Steele

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  • Born in Canton, Ohio as an only child in the fifties, radio and television were Laurie’s only companions. Always a mimic, she realized early on that impressions and characters were her forte. (She also wanted to marry Jackie Gleason, but that didn’t happen.)  Concentrating on drama and forensic speech in high school and college, she was awarded four scholarships to Bowling Green University where she received her teaching degree. Realizing she hated children(!), she left the degree behind and broadened her horizon as a voiceover talent, heard on-air for many years with the comedy morning team of Martz and Shaw on WCWA radio in Toledo, Ohio.  Rolling into Dallas in ‘87 she joined the Mary Collins Agency and went on to record for Sax Fifth Ave, The Ritz, Neiman Marcus, and Ross Perot’s presidential campaign. among many others. Laurie is not only recognized for her style as a strong, traditional, sophisticated announcer but also as a character actress for Japanese Animé. She is best known as young Krillin in Dragonball. She has over 45 Animé shows to her credit. Laurie is a lot of fun, and is an asset to any project!