Kim Morton

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  • Kinetic Rock VO
  • Octopart VO
  • Gameflip VO
  • Dubbing and Interactive Demo VO


  •   Commercial
  •   Animation
  • Accents/Dialects
  • Audio Books
  • Character Voices
  • Commercial VO
  • Games & Anime
  • In-Home Studio
  • Narration
  • Podcasts
  • Singer
  • Source Connect
  • Kim Morton is an actor versed in most known fields, and every known field of voice-over: Animation, Live Action, Interactive, eLearning, EduTainment, Radio, Podcast, Horse Roleplay, Nokia-Based Missionary; you name it, someone has made him do it! Acting and entertainment have dominated the majority of his life. Don’t worry, he chose this, he’s happy.

    When not recording, he’s discussing comedy and society with her, the love of his life and forever valentine, Matt Sinclair. Otherwise, he’s putting his Bachelors of Science in Music Engineering from the University of Miami to work editing audiobooks, producing music, singing covers of strange Japanese songs, and providing audio post services to anyone who asks.

    As the nephew of acclaimed musician David Baerwald, the grandson of esteemed Japanese Politician Hans Baerwald, and with lineage apparently directly linked to Benjamin Franklin (records destroyed), Kim Morton has some massive shadows to outgrow. And boy is he trying!