Colleen Clinkenbeard

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  • My Life as a Monkey VO


  •   Commercial
  • Accents/Dialects
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  • Commercial VO
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  • Narration
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  • Colleen Clinkenbeard has been an actress most of her life. With a BFA in Acting from Florida State University, the intention was for her to move to New York to pursue soap opera acting; but she fell in love with the Dallas voice acting scene and has never looked back. Colleen loves words, can always be found with her nose in a book, and already has her 6 year old saying things like, “I think those two things are similar, but I wouldn’t call them identical.” Now they just have to work on saying it in a robot voice. Speaking of robot voices, Colleen loves playing robots, computer voices, narrators or anyone else who knows all the things. She is also known for playing the voice of a teenage boy pirate made of rubber on One Piece and other crazy characters in beloved anime and video games worldwide, in addition to a few series on Cartoon Network like her latest role in I Love You, Mao Mao. She has lent her voice to Ford, T-Mobile, J.C. Penney, and many other well known brands for radio, TV, and industrial VO, and she would love to help you craft your vision for your upcoming projects in the most collaborative and easy-going way possible.