Bruce DuBose

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  •   Political Dialogue
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  • Bruce DuBose is an actor, director, musician and writer who provides character voices from video games like Marcus Kincaid in Borderlands, Thor in the video game series SMITE and the Boomer in Gears of War, to Anime characters like King Neptune in One-Piece and Kaiko on Tokyo Ghoul on the Funimation Network. He’s also the Artistic Director of Undermain Theatre, which he founded with his wife and artistic partner Katherine Owens in Dallas’ Deep Ellum neighborhood. Not far from the Undermain, he has a recording studio where he does a majority of his voice work and composes music, songs and sound designs. He also provides commercial voice work and documentary narration on projects like the Emmy-winning PBS documentary series The US/Mexican War, and the PBS documentary The Marines. He wrote the play Waiting for a Train; the Life and Songs of Jimmie Rodgers and arranged the libretto for the Undermain production of Neil Young’s Greendale. Bruce has appeared in Independent films including Spring Eddy, I Become Gilgamesh, Dusk and Late Bloomers. TV appearances include Prison Break, Walker Texas Ranger, The Deep End, Dangerous Curves, and Friday Night Lights.