Aaron Dismuke

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  • Much like Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar, Dallas based actor Aaron Dismuke got his start in his chosen profession quite early. At age eleven, he was cast in his first lead role in an anime dub: Alphonse Elric in the show FullMetal Alchemist. Young Aaron didn’t realize that he’d spend the next decade trying to escape the shadow of that towering role any more than young Augustus realized he’d spend his life overshadowed by the ghost of Julius Caesar.

    The ancient Roman statesman and Dismuke’s shared love for performative emotional outbursts was instrumental in the latter’s going on to voice hundreds of characters in various anime, video games, and western animations in the 19 years that followed. Dismuke also directs, adapts scripts, writes comics, designs board games, photographs abandoned buildings, propagates grapevines, reads a lot of old history books, and raves that specialization is the death of joy.

    As an actor, he soaks up information and converts it into clean reads with clear motivations—spiced with snark as needed. He has decades of experience in voiceover, and a passion for stories new and old.