Kim Trusty

“I love being a part of bringing a creative idea to life. I want clients to think of me as a collaborator and a trusted resource who understands their needs. I want performers to know me as both Coach and Fan, one who believes in their abilities and can place them in roles they excel in.”

–Kim Trusty

Clients and performers agree, Kim “Trusty” is well-named. Since joining the Mary Collins Agency in 1988, Kim Trusty has reliably worn many hats. Prior to her present position as Talent Director for voice, on camera and commercial print, she served as an agent for fifteen years. Prior to that she was the Agency’s Talent Payment Coordinator, and later its first Office Manager. Regardless of her position, Kim has always been closely involved with clients and performers, relationships she holds in the highest regard.

This agency’s performers can always rely on Kim to provide pro-active representation, thorough communication, attention to detail and unwavering support. She has the same commitment to clients as well. With a keen eye for talent, Kim takes pride in supplying clients with the best talent the Southwest has to offer, regardless of the project. Whether providing talent for a feature film about aliens, a hard-hitting political voiceover, an educational video about CPR, a motion-capture shoot for a video game, a network restaurant commercial, clients have come to respect Kim’s talent suggestions and her forthright business dealings.

A regular attendee at premiers and plays, Kim is extremely active, interested, and proud of all of the endeavors and projects of the local industry, as well all things relating to the Mary Collins Agency. Aside from her life at the agency, Kim has a wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, and two adorable grandkids.