Ray Hurd has worked for nearly two decades in the voiceover industry, voicing some of the world’s most famous characters and for the world’s most trusted brands. Brands like Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Chevrolet, The Home Depot, CHAMPION Sports, Cartoon Network, Funimation, Drive Time, The United States Coastguard, and many more. Ray also lends his voice to popular characters on hit weekly TV shows, like My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Super.
People usually describe his voice as a calm, peaceful sound that commands attention. Kind of like James Earl Jones or Keith David. Trust is what people look for in a brand and what provides trust more than a voice of assurance and calm? These are examples of the quality you will get working with this amazing voiceover talent.


Kristen McGuire is an award-winning artist, writer, and voice actor. Armed with a degree in visual arts and communication, Kristen spent several years writing and illustrating her own comic books before jumping into voice acting in 2013.

She has won several awards for her anime-style artwork in multiple shows in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

As a voice actor, Kristen has worked on hundreds of video games and animation projects, including but not limited to: Genshin Impact, SMITE, Borderlands 3, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Tales of Luminaria, RWBY, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, Dr. Stone, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Fire Force, and more!

In her free time, Kristen loves petting every cute animal she happens to cross paths with, reading fantasy books, hiking, writing, and creating art.

Texas-born and raised, Caroline brings southern charm, warmth, and relatability into the booth. Her love for storytelling started young – acting and singing beginning in middle school – and continued as she graduated from UT Austin with a BA in Journalism. Her dedication, passion, and versatility for both commercial and character roles drive her to constant creativity and growth in her craft. Best known as the voice of Chuck E. Cheese’s character, “Helen Henny”, she can be heard voicing games, commercials, episodes, singing jingles and songs, in-store and online. She is also known for singing and writing original music as an artist and for TV shows, commercials, and movies. You can find her most often outside in the sunshine with her family, friends, and husband – in Colorado hiking, on the beach in California, or in Texas out at the lake.

A Texas native, Carson discovered his passion for acting and storytelling in high school. Carson got his BFA in Acting at Baylor University and immediately after graduating in 2019, he jumped in and received his MFA in Acting from SMU in 2022. Carson has had extensive on-screen training for film/television, commercial, and voiceover. He is known for his quirky comedy and his ability to play a wide range of roles, from the drama of coming-of-age older teenagers to the comedy of goofball best friends. His passion for acting is paramount in his life, and everyone who knows him can attest to it. In his spare time, he enjoys CrossFit, hiking with his dogs and fiancé, and winding down with a good book.

Tim Vahle is a versatile actor, singer and artist who currently focuses on voice acting with the Mary Collins Agency. He studied theater at Columbia College in Chicago, and also worked with Second City legend Del Close studying Improv. In a career spanning close to 30 years, Tim has worked on stage, screen (big and small) and behind the microphone in various projects in both Dallas and Los Angeles. He was a member of the respected Undermain theater, as well as starting companies in Chicago “back in the day.” He has an extremely versatile voice, and welcomes a good challenge. So bring it on!

Fabiana was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a degree in Linguistics and World Literature. She has always been working on both sides of entertainment, doing production work and performing before the microphone and on camera. In Argentina, she participated in various T.V. shows and had her own theater column in radio for over six years. After moving to Dallas, she continued doing promotions for Dallas Children’s Theater and became their Spanish Ambassador. She has appeared in radio shows, and documentaries, and recorded more than 800 hundred hours of books, many of them bilingual. She is the host of the podcast Spanish 360 with Fabiana, the author of the book 12 Random Words and a board member at Second Thought Theater. Fabiana speaks five languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, and Italian, and has degrees in Ancient Greek and Latin. She is trained in neutral Spanish accent.

Bradley is an actor and storyteller who is passionate for learning about the human psyche. This passion is carried into his work on stage, as a voiceover artist, and on camera. A classically trained actor, Bradley earned his MFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University and his BFA in Performance from University of Texas at Arlington. Bradley is the youngest of four, a Beyonce stan, and in pursuit of his most authentic self. As a Dallas native, Bradley is excited to be signed to the Mary Collins Agency.

Elisa Meléndez is a Dallas-based actor and singer by way of Los Angeles, Miami, and her Puerto Rican hometown, where childhood afternoons at her mother’s advertising agency gave her a unique fondness and skill for commercial acting. Shortly after moving to Miami, FL, she developed a passion for singing and songwriting. Her experiences as a rock singer along with her lifelong love of video games merged to guide her academic research on gender, representation, and music games—earning her a Ph.D. in Comparative Sociology in 2018. Elisa took her findings to the classroom and the video game industry, where she developed her warm, educational voice while also discovering a love for video game character acting and audiobook narration along the way. You can hear her most recently as villainess Tyreen Calypso in Borderlands 3 and narrating as Indir in Lizz Huerta’s The Lost Dreamer.

Clifford Chapin is a voice actor best known for his work in animation and video games. At a young age, Clifford began studying all the ins and outs of filmmaking, which led to him beginning his freelance career at sixteen years old. While in college, Clifford discovered his true passion was for voice over, changing his focus from being behind the camera to being behind the mic. Now an adult, Clifford has voiced hundreds of characters across animation, including Katsuki Bakugo in My Hero Academia, Conny Springer in Attack on Titan, Cabba in Dragon Ball Super, and Kaworu Nagisa in Neon Genesis Evangelion. For video games, you can hear Clifford as Proton in Pokémon Masters EX, Ronan in Fire Emblem Heroes, King Thirain in Lost Ark, and Big Donny in Borderlands 3 among many others.

Who is Nazeeh Tarsha? A man with a love for cheese? Perhaps, a dashing storyteller of sorts? On the internet, he can be whatever your heart desires. But we aren’t here for fables. We want to know the truth. Nazeeh was born and raised in Miami, Florida with a background focusing on the maths and sciences.

Upon attending the University of Florida, he discovered an even greater passion for acting after taking an acting course. Soon after, he began his transition towards the arts, and received his B.F.A. in Theatre Performance in 2015.

After graduating, he found himself gaining traction in the voiceover world, eventually landing him in the heart of Dallas, Texas. After years of late night Walmart clearance runs, un-ideal overcrowded actor living conditions, and days spent crying in his car ready to quit, we finally find him where he hoped to eventually be. A professional actor.