Kathy Grable is a multi-hyphenate talent from L.A., known for a voice that reminds listeners of a close friend.  From stage performances to on-camera, Kathy’s won praise from critics and cast members alike.  Highlights include playing the voice double for Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever, promos for Spielberg’s Into The West, and ads for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online.  She’s voiced animated characters in Tom & Jerry, Futurama and Rocket Power and heard in commercials for Pepsi, Yoplait Yogurt and as the voice of Baskin Robbins’ ‘Talking Spoon’.   She hosts the podcast In My Voice and was given her own private wine label, a 2018 Cabernet aptly named In My Voice.  She’s directed other voice-over artists in Super Bowl spots and was recently featured in a Los Angeles Times article about niche v/o jobs in Hollywood.  When not in her voice-over booth, she’s performed and directed at the Hollywood bowl, was the live voice of the 2019 Tony Awards show, had a reoccurring role on Last Man Standing, presented awards along side Disney Legend Bill Farmer, and performed in several soon–to-be-released original scripted podcasts.


Campbell is a classically trained actor and voice-artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from the University of Louisville. He is a strong supporter of independent film as well as an award-winning filmmaker. He has done numerous international commercial campaigns and also holds the distinction of having done more voice work for the Power Rangers franchise than anyone in the shows history. Because of his body of voice-work, he is regularly invited to Pop Culture Conventions.

Cory Phillips has been acting in film and media since 2010. He got his start in acting with improv, and has since trained at Second City and performed in well over 1,000 shows. He has studied and developed his craft which has led to many wonderful projects. Cory has experience in on-camera acting, voice-over, martial arts, comedy, teleprompter, hosting and MC. He was the lead in a 400-plus-episode kids show and two Lionsgate films (“Ghoster” and “The Fantastic Pet”). He had his first SAG role in the hit series “The Chosen,” and you can hear his voice in over 100 anime titles with Crunchyroll. Cory loves acting and all things nerd. He has made guest appearances at hundreds of Cons across the nation and loves interacting with fans. When he is not working, he is riding his motorcycle or playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Much like Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar, Dallas based actor Aaron Dismuke got his start in his chosen profession quite early. At age eleven, he was cast in his first lead role in an anime dub: Alphonse Elric in the show FullMetal Alchemist. Young Aaron didn’t realize that he’d spend the next decade trying to escape the shadow of that towering role any more than young Augustus realized he’d spend his life overshadowed by the ghost of Julius Caesar.

The ancient Roman statesman and Dismuke’s shared love for performative emotional outbursts was instrumental in the latter’s going on to voice hundreds of characters in various anime, video games, and western animations in the 19 years that followed. Dismuke also directs, adapts scripts, writes comics, designs board games, photographs abandoned buildings, propagates grapevines, reads a lot of old history books, and raves that specialization is the death of joy.

As an actor, he soaks up information and converts it into clean reads with clear motivations—spiced with snark as needed. He has decades of experience in voiceover, and a passion for stories new and old.

Courtney DeBerry has been performing since the age of five, and her passion for both the stage and screen still fuels her today.  She obtained her BFA degree in Acting from Brigham Young University, where she was nominated for an Irene Ryan Scholarship at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.  Although a native Texan, she fell in love with London, UK where she spent a semester abroad studying Shakespeare and contemporary British theatre.  She was recently a lead role in four-time Laurel award-winning film “Binary,” and she also appears in commercials for brands such as doTERRA, NordicTrack, SNOW, and CVG Leggings.  Courtney is a versatile voice actor, and she has voiced in a variety of productions such as animation, video game, and commercial. In her spare time she loves making YouTube videos about voiceover, lifting weights, and running.

Mike is a talented voice actor currently based out of DFW in Texas. Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota and raised in Colorado Springs, CO, Mike has since lived in and visited many places around the US and the world, including Japan, Albania, Germany, Hong Kong, to name a few. After serving in the Peace Corps from 2015 – 2017 as a Youth and Community Development Volunteer, he returned to the US in order to pursue his passion for acting and start a full-time career in voiceover work. Since then, Mike has recorded for a number of roles in video games, promos, trailers, animation, audio books, commercials, and everything in between, only continuing to grow and sharpen his skills with each cast. Should you find yourself looking for a voice actor with the professionalism of a government official, the approachable personality of a gentle giant, and the utility and flexibility of a Swiss Army Knife, then there is no need to look any further.

Macy Anne Johnson has been a Dallas actor since her middle school theatre dork days. After a brief intermission to Waco to receive her BFA in Theatre Performance from Baylor, Macy is back and excited to do what she loves most.

Macy’s passion for voiceover began in high school. While sneakily checking her phone in English class, she found out she landed her first role. Following that first job in the game SMITE, the acting bug has refused to leave her system. Since then, she’s played Shikimori in Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie, Swindler in Akudama Drive, Yuka in the live action dub of Ultraman Z, as well as characters in the anime Hell’s Paradise, Spy X Family, and One Piece.

Macy loves to write stories and bake cakes. An animal lover, she’s always petting cats, playing with her tiny pet snake, or pointing out cute squirrels through car windows.

Leif Anders is an actor and narrator groomed in Hollywood and known for A Scanner Darkly (2006), DC Universe Online (2011), and the Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020), as well as political voiceovers for Barack Obama’s campaigns and more recently for Joe Biden.  Adele’s debut was announced by Leif for her first album “Nineteen” and he narrated a laugh out-loud Super Bowl Ad for the Dodge Hellcat not long ago.   Leif’s state-of-the-art studio allow connections to others around the world with professional grade AES/EBU digital. For any internet connection including Source Connect, or recording with clients listening in and files delivered at gigabit speed, he provides a sound that is epic.  Leif Anders is a Swede, who’s married to Australian Olympian, Elli Overton. They are raising three teenagers in Austin Texas y’all!

Ray Hurd has worked for nearly two decades in the voiceover industry, voicing some of the world’s most famous characters and for the world’s most trusted brands. Brands like Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Chevrolet, The Home Depot, CHAMPION Sports, Cartoon Network, Funimation, Drive Time, The United States Coastguard, and many more. Ray also lends his voice to popular characters on hit weekly TV shows, like My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Super.
People usually describe his voice as a calm, peaceful sound that commands attention. Kind of like James Earl Jones or Keith David. Trust is what people look for in a brand and what provides trust more than a voice of assurance and calm? These are examples of the quality you will get working with this amazing voiceover talent.


As an Award-Winning Voice Actor, Tony Pasquale brings his years of experience as a Creative Director/Producer to the booth. Consistently directable and collaborative, Tony prides himself on understanding the parameters creative pros face, and works to make the voiceover process smooth and easy. Growing up at a fly-fishing lodge in Montana, Tony learned early the importance of leading with a servant’s heart. Combined with studying acting and improv, as well as backed by strong media production experience, Tony has now become a highly sought after, in-demand voice talent. His positive attitude and upbeat personality shines through whether at work or at home. When he’s not in the booth, Tony can be found as a patient advocate for heart arrythmia and afib awareness. Tony dedicates himself to a healthy lifestyle all while embracing family time, cooking, and college football.