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Richard Jackson

ATTRIBUTES: Height: 6' 2" Weight: 185 Hair: Salt & Pepper Eyes: Blue Suit: 42L Shirt: 16 x 36 Slacks: 36 x 36 Shoe: 11
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Richard grew up outside of San Angelo, Texas, reveling in the joys of all things outside. He excelled in school, loving math and science which led him to a BS in Physics and an MS in Materials Science. After spending more than 10 years as a process engineer in the semiconductor world, he decided to do something completely different, and take an acting class. One thing led to another and he worked on JFK as an extra on the grassy knoll for 8 days. That was the hook. It was like really being there and seeing it happen. He then entered KD Studio Actors Conservatory of the Southwest and graduated in January 1994.

When he’s not in front of the camera, Richard resides on 60 acres in Hunt County, Texas, with his wife, 3 cats, and 2 dogs. He grows lots of vegetables, keeping them well mulched, provides venison and feral pork for the table, and cuts firewood to keep the stove going thru the winter. And keeps the fences up, and, and, and……….

  • Commercial OC
  • Commercial Print
  • Film/Television
  • Improvisation
  • Industrial
  • Stage Combat
  • Teleprompter Proficient
    • Rectify
    • The Leftovers
    • No Country for Old Men
    • Cagle for Georgia
    • I Saw the Light
    • Jerico
    • Parkland
    • Technically Crazy
    • Texas Heart
    • Windsor
    • The Man Who Came Back
    • No Quarter VO
    • Separate Rooms VO