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Marti Etheridge

ATTRIBUTES: Height: 5' 4" Weight: 140 Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel Dress: 8 Blouse: 10 Slacks: 8 Shoe: 7
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  • Commercial OC
  • Commercial Print
  • Film/Television
  • Improvisation
  • Industrial
  • Spokes/Show Host
  • Teleprompter Proficient
  • “As the apocalypse blows its sand-filled wind across the half-buried bones of all humanity, only Marti will remain, searching for the Roku remote and hoping that maybe, just maybe there’s one final episode of “Law and Order: SVU.”

    How did she survive the apocalypse, you ask? Well, hire Marti and she just might tell you.

    Keen, unbiased scientific observation determined that Marti has indeed been performing since the womb, perfecting her many voices with the help of her dogs and her four year-old pterodactyl impersonator, Ellis.

    Hire Marti and you will laugh…unless you’re supposed to cry.

    For all post apocalyptic acting needs, there will forever be: Marti Etheridge.”

    • Dallas ADDYS
    • 3M
    • Wingstop
    • TXA Channel 21
    • The Good Feet Store