Kat Cressida

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  •   Commercial
  •   Narration
  •   Political
  •   Animation
  •   Promo
  •   Trailer
  • Commercial VO
  • Games & Anime
  • In-Home Studio
  • Narration
  • Political
  • Promo/Imaging
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  • Kat Cressida graduated Cum Laude from UC Berkeley (Phi Beta Kappa), and trained at A.C.T. + Berkeley Shakes.  She cut her teeth in Show Biz with guest-starring roles on several half-hour comedies, one hour TV shows, and even soaps!  Her very first VO gigs were: Promos for TNT’s James Bond Marathon, voicing “Princess Leia” for Lucas Arts, and “Dee Dee” in Dexter’s Laboratory for Cartoon Network.  These days, when not working on the latest video game or national commercial campaign, you can hear her as the primary voice for Starz and Encore, and is regularly heard on ESPN, FOX Sports, and Bravo.  Kat’s the only gal to announce LIVE for the NFL Draft! She voices projects for Disney, and was honored to narrate the Disney music album, “Noah’s Ark,” which won the Grammy for Best Children’s Album.  With Kat, you get versatility and professionalism.  And really any female voice you might need.