Alvaro Fernandez

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  •   Spanish Commercial

Individual Examples

  •   McDonalds Spot
  • Accents/Dialects
  • Commercial VO
  • Foreign Language
  • In-Home Studio
  • Narration
  • Translation
  • Alvaro has spent most of his life behind a microphone. His early incursion into Mexican “doblaje” (dubbing) would mark the beginning of a life-long passion, which includes a stint as a one-album recording artist for Polygram Records in his native Mexico, and over 15 years as a professional voiceover actor.  “I believe that when the right project and the right people come together, magic truly happens at the studio,” Alvaro says as he reminisces of the countless sessions he has lent his voice to.  Having worked with National brands such as Mercedes Benz, Golden Corral, McDonalds, Academy Sports, Kmart, and Texas staples like DART and The Texas Lottery, Alvaro’s casual every-day style is always fresh, always on message and always ready to jump into the studio at a moment’s notice.

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